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Is off-plan property a good investment in Dubai

Posted by admin on December 7, 2022

Dubai’s economy is growing at its highest pace. It’s a golden opportunity for all the investors who are looking to put their money into some awesome properties because when the economy grows, money grows too. So, it’s a wise option to invest in Dubai real estate to refresh the surface level of finance. When we speak about investing in Dubai real estate, we can pause and list two options: invest in ready projects and invest in off-plan properties. Besides the flying economy, the tax-free status brings a winsome smile to the Investors. Off-plan properties in Dubai are always popular.


With the most luxurious hotels, large shopping malls, tallest skyscrapers, and never-ending sunshine, Dubai already impressed the entire world with its top records. There are some factors people take into consideration when they choose Dubai as their investment hub.


High ROI, 8-10%

According to the archive data, Dubai ensures a higher level of ROI than other emirates, places like Dubai Marine, Downtown Dubai, and Jumeirah manage to offer more.

Adventurous lifestyle

Dubai includes all the adventures you could think of, skydiving, windsurfing, golfing, skiing, water sports, desert activities, etc.

Tax-Free Country

It’s easy to uplift your financial portfolio by stepping into the investment opportunities in a tax-free country as you do not need to deal with all the taxes.

Other Factors

3rd safest city, iconic world records, stable economy, world-class infrastructure, high-standard living, fast-growing real estate market, etc.

What is an
off-plan property ?

It’s unconstructed property, yet to be built but yields a high return on investment (RTI). When there is a high return on investment, obviously every investor would analyze and give thought to it.

In off-plan properties, flexible payment options are one of the key attractions. Generally, you need to pay 10-20% first installment and then sign SPA (Sales Purchase Agreement).
Your investment goals are active and delighted with every investment decision you made.

You would prefer off-plan properties because they offer lower rates and more flexible options than ready properties.

5 benefits of buying off-plan properties in Dubai

When an investor opts for off-plan properties, he observes many benefits such as lower prices, higher rental yields, payment plans, higher capital gains, property laws, etc. Let’s talk about the 5 major benefits of buying off-plan properties.

Best ROI

When investors get the property for the lowest price, he/she can sell/rent it at the best price. Overall, it brings significant profits. The list of benefits would go up if the market performed well and the project became popular. You can earn a high profit of up to 10-30%. Reselling value is always high.

More Choices

You can choose an apartment anywhere. When the construction is at the early stage, the client has got the power to choose any apartment, according to his plans. No need to compromise.

Brand New

It’s okay to admit that we want the best, with off-plan property we get the best property with the best technology, amenities, and lots of modern features embedded.

Flexible Payment Plans

When you buy an off-plan property, there are lots of things to consider such as area, developer, facilities and the list continues. One most important thing to consider is the payment plan. The developer will list out the schedule of the payment plan. You choose one that’s suitable for you.

Sell before completion

The toughest job of an investor is to sell the property at the best price he set his mind for. When the market fluctuates, it shakes the real estate market too. You buy a property, and then you sell it before the completion. Works perfectly for all the investors!

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