Property Snagging

Make Sure Your New Home Meets The Standards

Anyone would be excited to move into their newly built home after construction is complete. However, before you do, use our property snagging service to ensure that your new home meets standards.


Our professional snagging service is the best way to identify snags, outstanding defects, and incomplete finishes on the property. Snags can be caused by poor workmanship or equipment not fitting correctly. These defects can affect your property ownership and value. Therefore, a snagging service can give you the confidence that your property is handed over in the best condition.

In-Depth Inspection Services

We carry out engineered-based property inspections and assess them internally and externally. Upon evaluating a property, our experts can provide you with a detailed report regarding property defects, highlighting:

Have Confidence In Your Home

Our team of experienced architects and engineers knows exactly what to look for when evaluating your property. No defects or snags will go missing, and we will identify all issues to ensure you can address them before the keys are handed over.

Types of Property We Work With

Professional snagging services are a good idea for all types of newly built properties, including:




Holiday Homes





Have Your Property Checked-out By Industry Experts!


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