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Everything you need to know about PRYPTO

Posted by admin on November 28, 2022

A quick peek into PRYPTO

PRYPTO is an advanced system for all buyers, sellers, investors, homeowners, and agents to do real estate transactions effortlessly and conveniently. This leading-edge ecosystem simplifies homeownership by providing individualized assistance in getting the best mortgage and approvals.

Founder and CEO of PRYPTO

Amira Sajwani is at the forefront of PRYPTO, committed to bringing revolution to the real estate market through this innovative digital platform. She is the Managing Director of DAMAC Properties, and the daughter of Hussain Sajwani, the founder of Damac Properties. She graduated from University College London, majored in Project Management for Construction, and holds a master’s degree in finance from the London School of Economics.

    “We do all the heavy lifting from getting the best mortgage rate for our clients, getting pre-approved within 48 hours, and ensuring clients get the most out of their investment,” Sajwani said.

     “A platform such as PRYPTO will benefit everyone in the mortgage marketplace, with such a diverse group of developers, brokers, and providers. I look forward to serving all players and customers in the industry,” she concluded.

About the STARTUP

The team of this property investment startup is moving forward rapidly: AED 2 billion+ deals, 1000+ satisfied buyers, and 500+ pre-approvals.
This fully-fledged digital platform provides a dedicated dashboard, instant approvals, and commission. It has set a new bar in the real estate market, a unique experience in property dealings, that’s why it’s called a revolutionary prop-tech startup. The industry specialists on PRYPTO streamlined the process of home ownership and disrupted the property marketplace with the power of technology.



PRYPTO is known for its best mortgage consultation. PRYPTO advisors provide their 100% assistance in streamlining the process: help clients in getting the best mortgage rates, handle all the paperwork, get approval within 48 hours and guide you throughout the home-buying process. Prypto’s mortgage calculator would help you to plan in advance. Let your dream happen with Prypto.


It’s easy to rent an apartment with Prypto. You can pay your rent later because Prypto will pay your rent to the landlord in one cheque, and you can pay it in 12 monthly installments. Sounds good, right? Prypto facilitates the full-year payment in one go and you relax and pay back slowly.



Step 1: Register

Answer a few questions and receive the best recommendations. Prypto can provide you with the best market offers.

Step 2: Meet the experts

Their highly skilled experts can guide you through your home-buying process, assist you in getting the best mortgage and ease the entire procedure.

Step 3: Handles paperworks

Prypto can handle all the paperwork in quick time. Pre-approval within 48 hours

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