Villas for Sale

Villas for Sale: Your Doorway to an Enchanting Living Experience

Taking the step to own a villa is a journey towards a lifestyle adorned with luxury, tranquility, and architectural brilliance. We present a handpicked assortment of villas for sale nestled in serene and prestigious communities, ready to be molded with your personal essence.

About Villas and Amenities:

The villas for sale epitomize modern luxury merged with classic charm. They are replete with a multitude of amenities like private swimming pools, lush gardens, spacious interiors, and cutting-edge facilities. Being in close vicinity to retail, dining, and leisure venues, these villas offer a lifestyle of convenience and grandiosity.


Prime Locations for Villas for Sale

The villa market offers a chance to be a part of well-planned, vibrant communities. Key locations for villas for sale include serene waterfronts, bustling city centers, and tranquil suburbs, each offering a unique community ambiance along with a suite of modern lifestyle amenities.

Villa Investment FAQ

Yes, expatriates can invest in villas for sale, adhering to the legal framework outlined by the government.
The process encompasses selecting a villa, verifying the developer’s credentials, paying a reservation fee, and following the payment plan as outlined in the sales agreement.
Besides the villa price, investors should account for reservation fees, Oqood registration fee, and real estate agency fees among other costs.
Prominent locations for villas include serene waterfronts, bustling city centers, and tranquil suburbs.
The minimum age to invest in villas for sale is 21 years.

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