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Our first-class services enable your real estate assets to perform above market average which improves the profitability of your investments and long-term value while reducing operating costs.

Real estate is an asset class that requires proactive management to maximize returns. Our asset management team develops custom real estate strategies for our client’s short, medium, and long-term investment goals.

Property management is not a part-time occupation. Tenants expect and demand services to be available 24/7 all year round. Our facilities management team ensures that maintenance support is there when and where needed, taking the burden off your shoulders. 

We will review your real estate and develop a performance improvement strategy. This includes identifying and implementing income and value enhancement initiatives through refurbishment and redevelopment opportunities, improvements in reactive and planned maintenance, and the re-gearing of leases.

What You Get When Footprint Real Estate Manages Your Property?

Full Protection

Legal Coverage

Increased Value

Risk Mitigation
Maximum Convenience
Happy Tenants
Money & Time Saved
24/7 Support

Residential Property Management

Our global clientele can rest at ease knowing we are managing their residential properties. We ensure a seamless service, keeping your properties well-maintained as your asset value continuously appreciates. We take the stress out of the process and manage your tenants and all the needed procedures efficiently and professionally.


Our real estate advisors work round the clock to share the most up-to-date industry insights and market forecasts so that you can make optimal decisions promptly.


We work transparently, and our performance can be tracked through a tenant satisfaction index where you can see tenants’ feedback about our team.

Keeping both the landlord and the tenant satisfied is what we do best, and this is what makes Footprint Real Estate one of the leading service providers in the UAE.

Commercial Property Management

Our dedicated team is exclusively trained to manage commercial properties. We have a long experience managing an array of properties for different industries, from retail to warehouses, hospitals to hotels, labour camps to manufacturing units, private offices to government buildings and more. All of our property maintenance packages are tailor-made to fit your unique requirements.


We make sure your commercial properties remain in top condition, and we focus on delivering measurable results. Our commercial property reporting system submits a detailed analysis of the performance of your assets compared to the market average so that you stay informed at all times without any of the management stress that is a part of the process.

Footprint Real Estate guarantees bespoke services at all times, with great value and high returns.


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List your property with us & share all the needed documentation.

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Receive a detailed proposal with the cost & benefits of each of our property managing packages.

Pick the preferred package & sign off.

Sit back & relax – your property is in good hands & you will receive regular updates on the progress.

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