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Residential Sale & Leasing Services

List your property with UAE experts in residential sales & leasing.


Our goal is to make the most out of your property while saving you money and time in the process. Footprint Real Estate has the intricate familiarity with local and international buyers and tenants and has just what it takes to ensure we match your property with the right people, giving you the most value in the process.


Our experienced agents will help you seamlessly navigate all the steps of selling, leasing, marketing and strategic planning needed to put your property in the right hands and maximize your ROI. 

Best People. Best Places. Best Times.

Commercial Sale & Leasing Services

Being in the real estate industry for more than fifteen years, we have built a solid and widespread network. Agents, property owners, and chartered surveyors advertise commercial properties with us, knowing that we can connect them to an unmatched database of vetted potential customers. Throughout the process of selling & renting commercial real estate, our experts provide you with quality guidance. We’re here to take the stress out of the experience while increasing the gains.


At Footprint Real Estate, our team uses their market understanding and knowledge to deliver you tailored solutions. We’re here to help you make informed commercial property listing decisions with confidence. When it comes to purchasing properties in Dubai, we ensure that individual requirements and needs are met. From here you can start, scale, and expand your operations in Dubai smoothly and efficiently.

A Broad Range Of Commercial Property For A Broad Range Of Clients





Land & Development Units

Experienced & Knowledgeable
Real Estate Brokers

We have a seasoned and skilled team of real estate brokers with regional and international know-how. This is why Footprint Real Estate provides you with unparalleled advice and tailored solutions for property for sale or rent.


The real estate business is rooted deeply in the communities where it is located, therefore it is crucial to understand the local market, as well as the historical and current market trends, property knowledge, and customs for success. With over 15 years of established local presence, thousands of sales and leasing transactions successfully closed, and our carefully vetted team, that is exactly what we offer!

What We Provide:

Research & Market Advice
Understanding Market Trends & Swings
Pricing Strategy
Sales Promotion
Finding Buyers & Investors
After Sales Services

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