Why does DUBAI say 'Damac Lagoon is the best community to invest in'? ​

       Damac Lagoon is a luxurious waterfront community. We always want our home to be unique and stand out in front of the series of normally seen villas and townhouses. This community promises a unique home amidst a water lagoon and lush greenery. International standard architecture and world-class amenities upgrade the level of a luxurious lifestyle. There are some reasons why Dubai says that Damac Lagoon is the best community to invest in. 


       Every cluster is the best on its own and offers a unique set of amenities, the rare collection of combinations, different themed structures, and nature-friendly serene elements. Living in one of these clusters will make you feel like you’re on some holiday destination. Damac mentions it’s not just a home but a holiday destination. If you’re an adventurous person, it’s an ideal option as it contains lots of water leisure adventure activities to make every moment of your life adventurous and unforgettable. All the entertainment is available within the community itself, that’s a fun part. To speak about luxury, this Mediterranean-themed lagoon is wrapped with all kinds of premium luxury elements, may it indoor or outdoor, a royal edge is attached which captures everyone’s attention and creates an urge within them to own a piece of land here. The most attractive thing is the water-filled environment, all the villas and townhouses are surrounded by water. What more do we need? Inner peace and happiness automatically flow within us as we walk through this nature-friendly environment. 


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This stunning waterfront destination is something!

What’s special about Damac Lagoon?

We can stand up and say unanimously – everything is special.


  •  It’s an ultra-luxurious wonderland where you can relish the views of 8 Mediterranean city-themed clusters and a crystal lagoon.
  • Enchant your relaxing evening with a movie at Dubai’s first water-floating cinema. 
  • Some new adventures every day – ziplining, rock climbing, kayaking, paddle surfing, and wave riding.
  • Lagoon-facing infinity pools, yoga meditation lawns, family cabanas, and much more.

Apart from these, there are many special luxury elements that make this community completely a purple community, a unique one. 

2 Incredible Highlights

Mediterranean 8 city-themed clusters

Portofino, Andalucia, Malta, Nice, Costa Brava, Santorini, Morocco, and Venice are the eight clusters. All the clusters are extravagant, romantic, and aesthetically finished textures. The magnificent beauty of Southern European countries is undoubtedly visible. The brilliant use of color schemes, extensive use of natural materials, the turquoise blue of the water, greenery, the brown earth color, and the combination of bold design give vibes of sun-soaked, seaside Mediterranean style.

Azure Blue Lagoons

Spending time around aquatic environments lists the higher benefits: improves overall well-being such as mental health-related issues, enchants positive mood, and reduces negative emotions and stress. Water triggers our parasympathetic nervous system which leads to significantly higher benefits because the parasympathetic nervous system is responsible for our body's relaxation mode, managing digestion, heart rate, and blood pressure. So, enjoy the sun-kissed white beaches, tropical island vibes, crystal lagoons, dedicated sports, and waterside cafes.


Down Payment

AED 1.5 M

Starting Price

5, 6, 7

BR villas

3, 4, 5

BR townhouses

Premium Amenities

    Whenever we choose a home, first we look into the list of amenities, most of the time we choose our properties based on the amenities. The gym and swimming pool are common amenities you would find it in every property nowadays. But what about the Aqua gym, aqua library, floating cinema, aqua meeting rooms, cafes, and retail outlets, never heard of? Amazed? The Damac Lagoon has all of these never-heard-of premium amenities. That’s why Dubai suggests not missing this opportunity to own a property here.

Live a high-profile lifestyle in the ultra-modern community with luxurious amenities



  • Portofino offers dazzling Italian-themed structures. The sunshine dances across the city, with hushed hues, vibrant palettes, and bold designs. The luxury and glamour of Italy are unrivaled at every corner.  
  • Artistic heritage, natural landscapes, and cultural histories tell the story of ancient life, mixed together beautifully.  
  • A picturesque office address is a great charm to the business due to its visual equilibrium of color, artwork, and pattern. The Work and Play Hub is in one place and combines business with pleasure.
  • A creative and positive workspace is the real highlight here. The soundproof PODs with transparent glass walls and natural elements will ensure the best working days at the office.  
  • Aqua office will take your business to the next level, the ambient sounds of gentle waves, the sunset views, and the serenity of evening could give the best perspective. 
  • Private spaces for meetings are always necessary but what if it’s with stunning glass enclosures? The azure blue lagoon views, the sandy beaches, and the blue sky enlighten the overall ambiance. 
  • Aqua gym, aqua library, fishing lake, and outdoor spa are other levels of premium amenities you can explore without any terms and conditions.


  • The stunning beauty of Malta cluster wind through an architectural legacy that spans 7000 years. Rays of sunlight, pristine seas, and cobblestoned paths would create an urge in you to stay at this spot.
  • The stories of centuries are said, and the echoes of the past are floating everywhere with countless moments to remember and cherish.
  • The centuries of knowledge, literature, inventions, cultures, and ideas make the land of Malta a wisdom city. 
  • VR Park will help your kids to do their homework in a fun way, sitting outdoors across the lush garden and collecting all the information needed on any topic. Integrated QR codes, VR experiences, and digital screens come in handy. 
  • At the building blocks pavilion, you and your kids can create any giant structures of colorful bricks. A unique way of spending time together. 
  • The floating flower market will surprise you the most: Dozens of colorful boats and a wide variety of exotic flowers. As you can the QR codes, you can get all the information about various species of flowers. 

Costa Brava

  • The exclusively designed 5-7 BHK villas and 3-5 BHK townhouses
  • Inspired by the Spanish style; beautiful flower walls, cobbled streets, and the elements of Spanish artwork weaved inside and around the beautiful surrounding of Costa Brava. 
  • Premium amenities are offered to the residents: outdoor galleries, botanical gardens, aqua walls for climbing, hammock seats, the giant swing above the water, children’s water play areas, and suspended tents.
  • It’s considered the adrenaline hub of Damac Lagoons as it offers numerous activities such as ziplining, paddle surfing, kayaking, and water riding.


  • A pastel work of art could be seen in the architecture: the distinctive designs with cobblestone streets.
  • Inspired by the French Riviera and rich histories are followed in every corner.
  • Vintage and contemporary style of interior, the wooden hues, and soft white hues.
  • The floating water park makes the kids engaged in the water and gives experience of a fully-fledged holidays.


  • White-themed exteriors and white sandy beaches will give it a touch of a unique holiday destination.
  • 3-6 BHK homes are designed in hues of blue and white, reflecting the Greek island of Santorini
  • The homes are connected with pathways, bicycle tracks, and ornamental foliage.
  • Garden, balconies, terraces, parking spaces, floor-to-ceiling windows, a water-surrounded environment, and natural sunlight in abundance are the highlights. 
  • Starting price from AED 1.3 M
  • A wide range of amenities: fitness zone, sports facilities, floating cinema, clubhouse, waterside boutiques, supermarkets, and farmers’ market.


  • A collection of 6-7 spacious villas with stunning views and monochromatic architecture.
  • Inspired by the quintessential Italian city of Venice.
  • The Fun Hub Entertainment Node of this cluster offers gondola rides, water surfing activities, live entertainment arena, and waterside cafes.
  • It has narrow streets and enchanting canals.
  • High-end retail outlets and dining. 
  • Anticipated date of handover set to be in October 2024. 

Monte Carlo

  • This unique and instantly recognizable community shines under the French Riveria, The modernity of stone bricks, steep rooftops, bright white walls, double-height windows, and sleek wooden features. They are known for their rustic appeal, timeless beauty, and quality.
  • To brighten the evening, there is a floating opera house where you can attend concerts by some of the world’s famous singers and musicians.
  • The board game casino pavilion will entertain children for hours with their exotic board games and card games from around the world
  • Vintage Car Museum showcases the collection of American and European automobiles. The best option for all car enthusiasts


  • The winding streets and the white exteriors give the label ‘Resort Town’ to this mere vacation destination. Earthy wooden textures and Mediterranean vibes spread the soothing aura.
  • The olive tree garden wedding venue is the perfect luxurious spot to tie the hearts together, allowing unique tranquility to float in the atmosphere.
  • As you take a stroll through Marbella, you’ll discover something new in every corner, and  innovative pop-up malls will update with the latest in fashion, gadgets, and everything that you’d find joy in. 
  • At the Flamenco Garden, you’ll find fragrant European flowers and verdant trees, a vibrant pink path zigzags, and a highly expressive art form. You will discover a new joy when you watch traditional Spanish dance by professionals in this unique garden.


  • Rustic elements, smooth textures, and white hues bring the beach vibes. 
  • Manicured lawns, a Boho courtyard, a sunset beach, and world-class venues are ideal for any coastal parties.
  • An authentic Mediterranean ambiance is showered everywhere, including exterior and interior.
  • A unique style is followed, bright and expansive rooms, creative escapes, intimating bedrooms, extravagant kitchens, etc.
  • The foam parties and other forms of refreshing parties could be boundary breaking.
  • Dj performances, events, and festivals are part of the IBIZA lifestyle.

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Payment Plans

The flexible payment plan is one of the attractive factors of this community.


On booking date


1st to 14th installments


After 100% completion.

Why Damac Lagoon Community?

  • This community provides a holiday-style lifestyle to its residents. 
  • Features expansive indoor and outdoor spaces 
  • A huge artificial handmade water lagoon in the shape of the letter D [ lazy river] is the key attraction. 
  • The soothing and luxurious views from all angles make this spot an ideal option for investors and end-users 
  • Endless premium amenities and high-standard lifestyle

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Choose yours, it's built for you!

Luxury is flowing in the air, serene atmosphere is embedded, and nature-friendly elements. What more we could ask for?  

Our property expert can guide you to choose a best property

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