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Finest in Luxury Home Finishing

The Finest in Luxury Home Finishing: Brands that Combine Exquisite Craftsmanship with Innovative Design

Posted by Content Writer on July 3, 2023

When it comes to luxury home finishing, a few brands stand out above the rest, synonymous with exceptional craftsmanship, attention to detail, innovative designs, and the use of high-quality materials. These brands offer a broad range of products, from the finest paints and wallpapers to the most exquisite bathroom and kitchen fixtures, as well as luxury home decor and accessories. With their products, any living space can be transformed into a magnificent and luxurious environment.

Below, we explore some of the world-renowned brands that are recognized as leaders in luxurious home finishing:

1.Farrow & Ball

Farrow Ball
Source: bahdeebahdu

This British brand has long been celebrated for its exceptional paints and wallpapers, which are crafted to the highest quality standards. Their extensive color palette and diverse range of finishes have captivated interior designers worldwide, who utilize them to create rooms that exude sophistication and elegance. They are known for their rich pigments and meticulously curated color schemes that reflect both contemporary and traditional design aesthetics.

2. Waterworks

WaterworksSource: Waterworks

An epitome of American luxury, Waterworks is a trusted name when it comes to bathroom fixtures and fittings. Crafted from top-quality materials, their designs embody timeless elegance, perfectly blending form and function. Their reputation for flawless craftsmanship makes them a go-to brand for those seeking to infuse their bathrooms with a touch of luxury.

3. Sub-Zero and Wolf

Sub-Zero and Wolf
Source: Sub-Zero and Wolf

These sister companies, both based in the U.S., specialize in top-of-the-range kitchen appliances. They are revered for their refrigeration and cooking equipment, such as refrigerators, ovens, ranges, and wine storage solutions. The innovative designs, exceptional quality, and remarkable durability of their products make these brands a favorite among gourmet home chefs and kitchen enthusiasts.

4. Lalique

Source: Lalique

Originating in France, Lalique is renowned for its stunning crystal lighting fixtures, decorative items, and accessories. Each piece produced by Lalique is a testament to the brand’s commitment to superior craftsmanship and innovative design. Their creations frequently incorporate intricate detailing and handcrafted elements, creating a visual spectacle that is nothing short of extraordinary.

5. Baccarat


Source: Baccarat

With a legendary reputation in the realm of crystal, this French brand creates stunning chandeliers, tableware, vases, and decorative pieces. Each Baccarat creation exudes an unmistakable charm, illuminating spaces with its timeless elegance and shimmering beauty.

6. Dornbracht

DornbrachtSource: Dornbracht

Hailing from Germany, Dornbracht is known for its high-end bathroom and kitchen fittings. The brand is characterized by its sleek, contemporary designs, premium materials, and the integration of innovative technology into its product line. Dornbracht fixtures are widely sought-after for their blend of modern aesthetics and unparalleled functionality.

7. Versace Home

Versace HomeSource: Versace Home

As an offshoot of the world-famous Italian fashion brand, Versace Home brings the flamboyant and glamorous Versace aesthetic into interior spaces. The brand’s range of luxury furnishings includes furniture, lighting, textiles, and accessories, often characterized by daring patterns, opulent materials, and a distinctive sense of luxury.

8. Bang & Olufsen

Bang OlufsenSource: Bang & Olufsen

This prestigious Danish brand is recognized worldwide for its luxury audio and video equipment. Their speakers, televisions, sound systems, and headphones, renowned for exceptional sound quality, are also celebrated for their sleek design and aesthetic appeal.

9. Armani/Casa

Armani-CasaSource: Armani/Casa

Armani/Casa, the home interiors division of the Italian fashion powerhouse Armani, presents a range of luxury furniture, lighting, textiles, and accessories. Their designs showcase minimalist lines, sophisticated materials, and a muted color palette, exuding an aura of subtle, understated elegance.

10. Lutron

LutronOpen source: Lutron

This American brand leads the industry in lighting control systems and motorized window treatments. They provide high-end, customizable solutions that allow homeowners to automate their lighting and shading to create the perfect atmosphere for any occasion. Lutron products are known for their energy efficiency, convenience, and elegant design.


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